7 Cheap Date Ideas You’ll Both Like

Getting creative for date night can get hard so a lot of us fall into the same rut every weekend. Try out these date ideas to mix up the conversations and the romance!

Walk around town

I’m always itching to visit a new place, but that takes time and money. There are so many places nearby that I’ve never explored right in town! Visit a new restaurant, take a walk through your local downtown, or visit a cute shop you’ve never been to.

Dessert creation competition

Each of you find a dessert to make for the other, have judging categories, and vote on the best dessert of the evening! End the night by indulging!

Picnic in the park

This a fun activity to do which watching the sunset. Bring a blanket to sit on, pack some yummy homemade food (or grab a pizza), and just talk and listen to each other!

Visit the local animal shelter

This may not be for everyone, but my husband and I are suckers for animals and the thought of no one visiting animals without a home makes us so sad! So some Saturdays we stop by our local shelter and just play with and hold the animals! We always feel like we did a good deed when we leave too!

Build a fort for a movie night

This is a great way to bring out your inner child. Build a fort, add a ton of pillows and blankets, and snuggle together for a favorite movie.


Arcade games

This is not just for kids! Go to a local arcade place or nickel arcade and just spend $5-$10 for a night of endless smiles. You can either try to win the most tickets and pool your winnings for a dorky prize, or just play games like air hockey and basketball shots because some friendly competition is good for any relationship!


Monopoly Deal competition

If you have never played this game, you are missing out! This is our favorite game and after we introduced our friends and family, everyone was hooked! We spend some date nights playing best out of 10 because this game never gets old and is a card game this is actually fun with only two people. It’s the perfect combo of a quick and challenging, and not too much like the board game.


Any other date ideas I should add? I want to know!

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